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 PTSD – Impact on the Family

PTSD – Impact on the Family

At Responder Health, we know that while most programs address the individual and their personal mental health journey, few focus on the family. When someone has PTSD – that trickles down and impacts the entire family. Our partners have done some incredible training and videos on the impact of PTSD on the family. One in particular showcases 7 year old McKinley talking about her dad with PTSD. McKinley’s Story This raw, real look at what PTSD does to their family is ultimately what encourages a first responder to get the help they need.

Most traditional EAPs don’t offer family counseling. Why is that? Shouldn’t a program designed to help individuals with their mental health also provide resources for the entire family? This is one of the reasons we created Responder Health – the traditional EAPs were not meeting the needs of our first responders. Our program encompasses support and training not just for the first responder but for the entire family.

We understand that you can’t just send a first responder off to treatment and not also simultaneously heal the family at home. If you do, you are setting up that person for failure. Our support line is answered by peers that know in a lot of cases, the spouse at home has just as much trauma and PTSD as the first responder. The Responder Health program ensures that the entire family unit gets the counseling and assistance they need.

Please contact us for more information on Responder Health and learn how this program WILL save the lives of your first responders.

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