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 You Can’t Fix Someone Mentally If You Break Them Financially

You Can’t Fix Someone Mentally If You Break Them Financially

One of the most important things we do at Responder Health is to work with our partners to identify best in class facilities and counselors that know how to treat first responders.

Imagine, a first responder finally steps up and says they need treatment – what next?

They have already taken one of the biggest steps by asking for help. They are tired, they may be questioning their decision, they may be scared. Do we want them to Google and find a counselor? Do we want them to scour your insurance companies website to find an in network facility for care? No – we want to put them in the capable hands of an expert that knows what they are dealing with and can pair them up with a vetted counselor or inpatient facility that has a specialty in treating first responders. And by specialty – I don’t just mean someone who identifies on the EAP panel as a ‘trauma’ counselor.

When our partners place someone in treatment, it is at a facility that they have personally toured, have seen the accommodations, have eaten the food and experienced first-hand the counseling and treatment plan that the first responder will experience. In addition to that, we have negotiated a case rate for a 30 day stay so the employer and first responder know exactly how much the cost of that stay will be – no surprises.

Please contact us for more information on Responder Health and learn how this program WILL save the lives of your first responders.

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